There are a number of services that you may find helpful as you begin or continue your business on the internet.

Here are areas where we can assist you in making your online presence complete:

  • Webite / Blog
    We provide a full range of services to get your set up your online presence.  We use WordPress for website construction, as well as blogs.  Both can be accomplished from this platform very professionally.  We are able to assist from a straight setup to full customization of design and plugins.
  • eZine
    Your ezine should carry your branding and colors through to your constant contact with your clients.  We are able to create your customized ezine template for you to use in whichever list management program you use.
  • Twitter / Facebook Customization
    Are you getting into Twitter and Facebook for marketing and keeping in contact with clients, referrals, and potential clients?  We can customize your profile or service page to keep continuity in your branding when being on contact.
  • Maintenance
    Do you want to have someone in your back pocket to keep your website or blog updated?  We can manage your site and/or blog with any changes you require.
  • Graphics
    Whether you are in need of an adjustment to your logo, photo touch-ups, or eCovers created, we can assist in creating or editing your images to produce the results you are looking for.
  • Troubleshooting / Virus Removal
    At some point we all have an issue with our website or blog.  Either we have become hindered by a virus into our website, or an error occurs which produces problems in our pages – we all need to ‘fix’ something from time to time.  If this occurs, we can solve the problems for you and get you back on track by removing viruses from your site or blog, or troubleshooting errors that may creep up.
  • Social Media Management
    We can work with you to reduce the stress and frustration of growing your audience through social media, technical set-up, customization, and daily maintenance.